Thu, Mar 21 | Lake Pyramid

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake Fishout Meet up at Crosby's, 30605 Sutcliff, NV
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Pyramid Lake

Time & Location

Mar 21, 2019, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Lake Pyramid, 30605 Sutcliffe, NV 89510, USA

About The Event

Fish-out Leader: Dave Ackerman. 714.337.3972

Fish-out Committee Coordinator: Tom Grant, 530-263-3515,

Description of Event:

The lake is still way up so ladder fishing may not be effective. On the other hand I saw anglers catching them from shore in mid-December, so ladders may work. Most of us in the club will float tube it. If you need a float tube, Dave has an extra and others may have one as well. Contact Dave if you need something. I have trailer #7 reserved. It has 7 twins and a rollaway. (We can draw straws for the rollaway.) Check in time is 3pm. Contact Dave to reserve a bed in the trailer, otherwise you need to find another place to stay. Some stay at casinos in Reno, but its 35 miles away. For those sharing the trailer let’s plan to have dinner together on the 22nd and 23rd. I’ll bring some stew (transported frozen) and French bread and a salad. Looking for a volunteer to do dinner on the 23rd. Bring your own drinks. Check in time is 3:00. Let’s do our own lunches and breakfasts. The lodge has food if you want to buy breakfast or lunch. Leave for the lake as early as you dare, fish all day and meet us back at the trailer. First one to Crosby’s lodge (Suttcliff, NV) can pick up the key. The trailer is on my card so you can pay me at the trailer. The cost is $177.00 so it will be $44 for eight and $50 for seven of us the two nights. My group will start at Warrior Point. If you don’t know Warrior it’s the last access point before the pavement ends at the north end of the lake. See you there.

You must have a pass issued by the tribe. They do a great job managing this fishery and they maintain good facilities. You can buy passes on line or at Crosby Lodge. I have a season pass but the daily is somewhere around $11.00.

There’s a discount for Seniors. go to Permits

Fish for: Cutthroats, big cutthroats, and massive cutthroats

Recommended Gear: Rods: 6 wt. and up (OK, you can also use 5 wt., but don’t blame me if you can’t bring ‘em in ! )

Lines: Fast sink and floating Leaders: 6 to 10# fluorocarbon for both sinking and indicator. I’ve been told by many guides that tapered leaders aren’t necessary for this type of fishing. But you can heed any other advice you wish on this.

Tippet: Don’t use any or use a size just smaller than your leader so you can break it off if you get stuck.

Flies: Woolly Buggers in black or olive with or without flash, Captain Midnights, white beetles with chartreuse, boobies, and other streamers on the sinking line. Use suspended leeches, & chironomids on the floating line under an indicator. See below on what I’ve seen the regulars do this season. Stop by the lodge if you need any of these (except I didn’t see the balanced leeches nor the jigs last time I was there.)

Other Gear: The standard stuff. Float tube, waders, fins, long johns, rain jacket; dress in several layers, bring a buff, a marine radio is you wish, a whistle, big net (floating is best), hat, sun screen, chair, PFD! and whatever else your mom always told you to bring.

What you need to know: This winter the tactics that I’ve seen work are a suspended leech in black, white or bait fish pattern fished10’ under an indicator. Find the drop off, position yourself a few yards to the shore side and cast out to the break. Let it sit and NEVER take your eyes off it. In December the regulars were also heaving 1/8 to ¼ oz. lead head jigs with nothing but marabou (usually in olive) tied on. Tie it to a floating line and back troll it with a jerk or two every few seconds. You can’t cast these things – you just sort of lob them. .

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