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Fly Tying Programs


​Our club offers many opportunities to further your education as a fly tyer. Here's some of the ways!


Tying with Sam - We offer a monthly fly tying session with one of our experienced fly tiers, Sam Higginboham. Sam's group ties patterns that ue can use almost anywhere you may travel to fish.  You can contact Sam at 477-7537.


Tying with the Reel Anglers Fly Shop - Tom Page the Owner of the Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley hosts weekly fly tying group at his shop in Grass Valley. Rocco Fasone is the GCFF liasion to this group. This group meets on Thursday evenings at 6:00. Any interested tiers from begineers to advanced level can sign up at Tom's shop, or call 477-5397. This is a fun and engaging group of tiers. Stop by and check it out.


And check out Ralph Wood's FLYPAPER.