The Gold Country Spey Casters

Have you ever contemplated how to cast a switch or a spey rod? Have you thought, "What the heck is a Double Spey cast or a Snap T"? Or, what the heck is a "Scandi Line"? Well the GC Spey Casters can help you figure all this out! Mike Williams is the group's leader.


A small dedicated group of Spey Casters has formed a group that meets occasionally to practice the art of casting and fishing two handed rods.


We meet to demonstrate and practice spey casting techniques.  You will learn how to throw the following casts:


  • Single Spey

  • Double Spey

  • Snap T

  • Snap Z

  • Perry Poke

  • Snake Roll

  • Switch Cast

You must be a current member with a signed waiver to take a class or clinic.

Come to a general meeting and join!