2020 Gold Country Fly Fishers

The governing board is composed of Officers and Directors


President:             Larry Strauss
Vice President:     Bill Burden
Treasurer:             Michael McKinley
Secretary:             Richard Fetterman


Past President:       (open)

Director, 2nd Yr:     Diane Berg

Director, 2nd Yr:     Frank Rinella

Director, 1st Yr:      Lee Coffee

Director, 1st Yr:      Rich Tortosa

Club Committees:

Fishouts:                                                          Tom Grant - Chair

Advancing Your Skills Classes & Clinics:     Clay Hash - Chair

Newsletter:                                                      Sheila Weintraub - Editor

Programs:                                                        Dave Ackerman - Chair

Membership:                                                  Pam Kline & Debbie DiSanto - Co-Chairs

New Members:                                               Tim Ackerman & Robin DeNegri - Co-Chairs

Website:                                                           Peter Burnes - Chair

Conservation:                                                 Frank Rinella, Drew Irby & Wil Fryer - Co-Chairs
Scouting Merit Badge:                                   Bob Winters & Frank Rinella - Co-Chairs

Trout in the Classroom:                                Robin DeNegri & Larry Uno - Co-Chairs
Holiday Fund Raiser:                                     Bill Burden - Chair
Damsels -Women Fly Fish Too:                   Diane Berg - Chair

General Meeting Dinners:                            Mike Connor - Chair
  -Drinks and Snacks:                                     Larry Uno - Chair

  -Raffle:                                                           Tom Page - Chair
  -Setup and Take-down:                               Dave Ackerman - Chair
Library:                                                            Mark Hermes - Chair
Northern California Council,
   Fly Fishers International (NCCFFI):           Clay Hash & Frank Rinella- Board Members

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