President:             Jim Marchio
Vice President:     Larry Strauss
Past President:    Clay Hash
Treasurer:             Mike Chapel
Secretary:             Sheila Weintraub



2019 Gold Country Fly Fishers

The governing board is composed of Officers and Directors






Director, 2nd Yr:     Tom Page

Director, 2nd Yr:     Larry Uno

Director, 1st Yr:      Diane Berg

Director, 1st Yr:      Frank Rinella




Club Committees:

Boy and Girl Scouts:                                      Bob Winters, Alan Gere - Co-Chairs
Advancing Your Skills Classes & Clinics:     Clay Hash - Chair
Conservation:                                                 Frank Rinella, Drew Irby - Co-Chairs
Fishouts:                                                         Tom Grant - Chair, Mike Connors
Fly Fishers International:                              Frank Rinella - Chair
Holiday Party:                                                 Peter Burnes, Larry Strauss - Co-Chairs
Malakoff Kids Day:                                         Frank Rinella - Chair
Damselflies - Ladies Program:                     Diane Berg - Chair
Library:                                                            Mark Hermes - Chair
General Meeting Dinners:                            Ed Tulley - Chair, Diane Berg, Robin DeNegri
Meeting Drinks and Snacks:                         Larry Uno - Chair

Meeting Raffle:                                               Tom Page - Chair, Jerry Austin
Meeting Setup and Take-down:                   Dave Ackerman - Chair
Membership:                                                   Mike Chapel - Chair
New Members:                                               Tim Ackerman, Robin DeNegri - Co-Chairs
Newsletter:                                                      Bill Burden - Editor
Programs:                                                        Dave Ackerman - Chair
Trout in the Classroom:                                 Robin DeNegri, Larry Uno - Co-Chairs
Website:                                                           Peter Burnes - Chair


Contact the Gold Country Fly Fishers

Please fill out the Contact Information below and we will get back to you ASAP. Just fill out your name, your Email address, the subject of your inquiry and then a short messsage. That's it!


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