GCFF – April 2020

President’s Message


Hi everyone. Wow! To say our lives have been altered in the last few weeks is a huge understatement. As announced via email, the club’s April 7th meeting was cancelled in accordance with the directives from state and federal agencies. In the last few days, we heard from the administration of the Nevada County Fair. The club was informed that the fairgrounds, including our meeting room, the Ponderosa Building, will be closed for all of April and May. So, our May 5th general meeting will not be held at the Ponderosa Building. The club will not be charged for the two meetings. So, alas, there will be no general meeting in May either. Please check our website, www.goldcountryff.org. We will try to keep the information up to date. 

I trust you are all taking the novel coronavirus seriously. There are four in my household: my 91-year-old mother, my chronically ill wife, and my 40-year-old son. I’m rather stressed and concerned people in our community may not be complying with directives. Granted, we live in a sparsely populated, some would say rural, area. While this may slow down possible infections, as of this writing, it by no means grants us a pass to ignore the directives. Tuesday morning, Nevada Co issued a CodeRED alert calling for all residents to stay at home. When at the grocery market today, a gentleman was coughing and not covering his mouth. We are putting a huge amount of trust in our neighbors to do the right thing. One could argue, as many I’m sure do, that walk and wade fly fishing is like taking a walk. I mean, who wants to fish within six feet of our partners anyway? Oh, that may be those shoulder-to-shoulder gear guys going for salmon near the outflow of the Feather River afterbay. I just don’t know that we would be setting the proper example for our neighbors. I was upset today to see golfers on the course here at Lake Wildwood. I believe it is probably best, as good stewards of our environment, which includes those humans around us, to comply and not go fly fishing. This is my opinion and it has changed from days ago when the first person confirmed to have the corona virus was reported. 

If you don’t have it already, here is Nevada County’s community guidance website,




Please consider your choices with care so we all stay healthy and can come together at future Gold Country Fly Fisher meetings. 

On a lighter subject, we now have 60 club members who have signed up and logged into the club’s website. That’s terrific! As you recall, due to hacker mischievousness, the club may need to restrict certain sections of our website to only those members who log in to the website. You will see this Log In button on the right side of the website. Simply click on it and fill in your name and email address. Once we see your request, your credentials will be turned on… simple. 

The board will consider what sections of our website should go private. Recently, a hacker accessed the newsletter where we display numerous email addresses of our officers, board, and committee chairs, and started sending emails which were over my name as president. Several recipients notified me because they looked suspicious and several were taken in by the email even though it did not come from my email address. Of course, the bogus emails were asking for money in some form or another. Fortunately, no one acted, but I did get a few who asked for additional information so they could comply. So, you see, it is important that we restrict certain data from public eyes. We will most likely remove email addresses from the newsletter but try to keep most of it public. 

Please stay healthy. I hope to see you in a few months. 

Help Wanted 

The club continues to seek club members to help manage and operate club activities and programs which have been part of Gold Country Fly Fishers for many years. For example, the club’s support for the Scouting Merit Badge for Fly Fishing may not happen unless someone steps up to coordinate the program. In general, I believe that if a program, whether a new idea or a legacy program, does not have enough human resources stepping up to help, it should be put on the shelf. We have several club members who have been doing the same job for years. These club members desire to help the club in different areas but feel stuck because no new volunteers came forward. These club activities and programs are destined to be put on the shelf. We ended last year with close to 200 club members. If everyone helps a little, our club can thrive and continue with current programs and consider new programs beneficial to our club. Watch our website, emails, and newsletter for areas where help is needed and please volunteer where you can. 

Best regards and remember, the tug is the drug! 

Larry Strauss GCFF 2020 President 

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