GCFF – July 2020

President’s Message


Hi everyone. I trust you are all staying safe. Just when I anticipated more movement toward normalcy, the coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19, is again infecting more and more people. Nevada County has 23 active cases. Just last week, Governor Newsom made wearing a mask mandatory while interacting with others. Like fishing regulations, I do not see how the state will enforce this. I am one of those who agrees with the mandatory mask wearing. I believe it makes the most sense as our county, other counties, and people within the counties begin to reopen. But, like most everything in our society, there are those who disagree. I have seen some crazy reasoning, e.g., wearing a mask will cause CO2 sickness. Let me be clear, I hate wearing a mask. I find it difficult to smile when wearing a mask. I feel annoyed. But I believe my wearing a mask protects others and I hope you will wear a mask to protect me. 

Given the various phases of so-called reopening, social clubs are far down the list. Our club will not hold gatherings until such time as the directives make it OK. This means no Annual Hamburger night (that would have been our June meeting) and no Annual Tri-tip BBQ and potluck in August. I am sure you all saw that the Nevada County Fair has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. I see other clubs developing strategies for and holding gatherings. My belief is should someone want to hold a gathering, it is easy to come up with a rationale in one’s mind to conclude it is OK. Our GCFF board addresses the possibilities of gathering at each monthly Board meeting. As of right now, no GCFF club gatherings are happening. This means no meetings, fishouts, clinics, classes, or fly tying. The current Board position is that there are too many requirements which someone would have to be responsible for managing to hold any kind of gathering. The question of whether the club’s liability and directors & officers insurance policies would exclude coverage based on current state and county directives cannot be definitively answered. I spoke to the insurance broker who said insurance companies receiving claims mentioning COVID-19 are summarily denying coverage. Insurance policies typically exclude coverage for illegal actions. Given the state and county have made it illegal for social clubs to gather, one can see the dilemma. 

It saddens me to reflect on how my year as president will play out. Unless something remarkable takes place, I do not see our club being able to gather until an effective vaccine is widely available. As many of you are aware, I spent about 20 years of my career in the biotech and medical device industries. Fast tracking protocols are rare. Bringing drugs to market takes a lot of time. The Food and Drug Administration has two simple requirements: drugs must be safe and effective. Large clinical trials are the only way to prove safety and effectiveness. And large clinical trials take time. 

I understand members have been fishing. If there are two or more, I hope they practice social distancing. I have been fishing on Lake Wildwood for bass and on the Lower Yuba River for shad. I also get engrossed in YouTube videos. I get suggestions from my numerous email subscriptions and of course, once one watches a YouTube video, YouTube offers dozens of similar videos. There is a huge amount of content on the internet for us fly fishers. I plan to post a list and links on our club’s forum. If you have a regular email subscription you like, please post it on the forum as well. 

I have asked a couple of our members to begin a forum stream covering waters where they possess a high level of knowledge. My hope is we make our club’s forum a go-to place for getting seasonal information on our local waters. Feel free to start a forum stream on a river or lake where you have a lot of fly fishing knowledge or where you would like information. I am sure we have members who will help you out. 

Larry Strauss

Gold Country Fly Fishers 2020 President

P.S. I will post this on the club’s forum. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the Forum

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