President's Message: 

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The weather has started to cool off, a welcome relief. The unusual state of politics in our country, state, and county causes me too much anxiety. I’d much rather be fishing. While November 3rd, election day is just around the corner, I continue to worry about the future; what our country and community will be like after the election. A neighbor here in Lake Wildwood said it well, “after the election, we’ll all still be neighbors.”


I have not been fishing as much as I would like. A couple of things have happened which have reduced my time getting lines wet. The first is my boat (which has yet to receive an appropriate name.) While joining up with Dave Ackerman on Bullards Bar reservoir, Dave in his boat and me in mine for social distancing, my engine just stopped. The day had heated up to about 95°. Since Dave and I were just about done for the day anyway, he offered to tow me in, a pleasant but long ride back to the docks. Thank you again Dave. Turns out the cable from the battery to the solenoid has a flimsy crimp connection and the battery cable just fell out of the lug. I was glad to have an issue with a simple solution; purchase a new lug and get it crimped on with the proper tool. Just a week later, Dave and I headed to Bullards again. This time, as I was motoring along, the engine began to sputter; not just misfire but no power then back again. I was able to cruise at slow speeds but every time I would give it some throttle, it would act up. I let Dave continue away from the marina while I stayed close… just in case. I believe a carburetor rebuild is in order. Lee Coffee appropriately stated, “one becomes quite a good outboard mechanic when one owns a 1970s vintage outboard motor.” 


The second thing keeping me off the water is a bum left knee. I’ll bet there are few of you who share my pain… so to speak. I had an MRI just yesterday so I’m not sure what the therapy will be. However, I was advised to be cautious which has ruled out walking and wading the Lower Yuba River; and just when the water clouded up a bit from draining Lake Wildwood. It seems the egg bite, if not already happening, should begin shortly.

I look forward to hearing the fishing reports at our November general meeting. 


Speaking of the November general meeting, I trust you saw in recent emails that the November and December meetings are scheduled on Thursdays, November 5th, and December 3rd. The club’s annual Holiday Fund Raiser is typically on Thursday, so that one was easy. November 3rd is the national election day. The board chose to not hold the meeting on election night. We did a poll at the last general meeting and there was strong support for moving the meeting. Please double check your calendars. 


Thursday, November 5, 2020, 6:30 to 9:00PM

Thursday, December 3, 2020, 6:30 to 9:00PM


A few members have asked why I wanted to serve as president for a second year in 2021. Our VP and next president, if elected, Bill Burden and I had been discussing 2021 leadership and our experiences in 2020. The club held only three face-to-face general meetings in 2020. Being the master of ceremonies at the general meetings provides me a great deal of enjoyment. I felt shortchanged by not having the opportunity to MC more meetings in 2020. Bill, on the other hand, was looking forward to meeting and getting to know more club members during 2020. Since I was interested in more face-to-face meetings and Bill wanted more member exposure prior to taking on the role of president, he and I agree we would put our names back in the hat for serving in our current officer positions in 2021. The board, who served as the nominating committee this year, were supportive. Extending our terms another year did increase the recruiting efforts since our current past president, Jimmie Marchio, had chosen to not service as director for 2021 and Richard Fetterman chose not to serve as secretary in 2021. I do thank them for their past service to the club. The board did a terrific job assembling the 2021 leadership slate. I believe the slate for 2021 is superb and I look forward to serving, if elected, with them next year. However, as I understand the status of a safe, efficacious, and widely available coronavirus vaccine, the club will most likely have Zoom general meetings for most of 2021. That’s OK. We’re getting better at orchestrating the meetings and we have access to speakers from across the country because we don’t have to pay or share travel costs. Our speakers present from the comfort of a space of their choosing. Dave Ackerman continues to do a terrific job identifying and retaining quality speakers for our club. Thank you, Dave!


Please, should you have ideas for our Zoom meetings, please send them my direction. 


Be well and stay safe!


Larry Strauss, GCFF President

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